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Main Relay for 91-94 NSX

11 January 2006
The main relay is an electrical part. Its failure is fairly common and can leave an NSX stranded, with the engine unable to start or re-start. The good news is, it is also easy to replace by anyone with a 10-millimeter socket wrench and little to no mechanical expertise. Just gently pry up the upholstered horizontal piece on the rear wall of the interior just below the interior window, remove one bolt and two connectors, re-attach everything, and you're done.

For sale is a used main relay (part number 39400-SL0-003) This unit is in 100% working order, I thought my car had the symptoms of a bad main relay so I bought a new one online. I just swapped it out today and my problem still exists, maybe the fuel pump going bad??? My loss is gonna be someones gain. This part lists for $88.45. I'll sell mine for $45 including shipping to lower 48 states

PM me if interested thanks!
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