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Many thanks so far - but is the ACUALP cable still available?

10 October 2000
Bexley, England
What can I say. As far as I can tell the advice on your FAQ has saved me several hundred pounds :)

I can get an up to date Alpine CD changer here in the UK but the audio store suggested that I order the DIN switching cable referred to in the FAQ ( part #ACUALP or #ACU/HONALP ) direct from Circuit City.

A search of their website using both part codes came up blank :-(

I have an American friend coming to London later this month, if the part is still available he would be willing to pick one up for me.

Can anyone confirm that the part is still a current stock item ?
This is a pretty standard item that's been around for awhile and carried by a lot of car stereo shops. I think your friend will be able to get it from Circuit City though. Just have your friend call them.

Also my son who's into audio stuff tells me you also might try: www.stinger-aamp.com/peripheral/s-ind.htm
or www.pie.net.
I don't know anything about them though but he seems to have heard of them. As he also is bugging me for Type R Integra he pointed me to:
which supposed to have instructions on doing your own.

Hope this helps

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