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Map ECU for those who don't know...

31 March 2005
For anyone who has ever installed an aftermarket turbocharger system on a naturally aspirated car, upgraded the turbos and/or fuel system on a turbocharged car, or wanted to remove the restrictive MAF meter on any car, the MAP ECU (Manifold Absolute Pressure Electronic Control Unit) is for you! This piggy-back system is similar in function and design to the super-popular HKS VPC (now discontinued) however, the MAP ECU takes it one step further by allowing end-user programmability via Windows-based software. The purpose of the MAP ECU is to mimic the voltage or frequency output patterns of the factory Mass Air Flow(hotwire) or Karman-Vortex meter but uses RPM and Manifold Pressure to make its calculations rather than airflow. Basic setup takes only a few minutes, and allows the user to custom tailor the MAP ECU to work with almost any automotive system on the planet. The user can set the number of cylinders (1-16), type of air metering system utilized (Karman-Vortex or Hotwire), throttle position hi/low voltage range, throttle or MAP based enrichment, and the type of oxygen sensor utilized (OEM or wideband).

The powerful yet easy-to-use-software installs in any Windows operating system, and communicates with the MAP ECU from your laptop via a serial cable (supplied). The MAP ECU software allows the user to monitor MAP ECU inputs and outputs in real-time, make real-time adjustments to MAP ECU tables and parameters, manipulate data in 2D and 3D formats, and log critical ECU data for evaluation at a later time. Once the mapping is completed, the laptop can be removed and the unit stores the data in permanent memory. Of course, with the laptop connected you will find a wealth of information available to you while the vehicle is running. The MAP ECU operates as a “piggy-back” control unit, allowing the user to maintain factory ECU control of the primary functions, but modify the fuel mapping parameters to suit larger fuel injectors, different camshafts, upgraded turbochargers, and forced induction conversions. What this means to the novice tuner is no more lost sleep trying to get the car to start or idle correctly with a full stand-alone engine management system. Most importantly, the MAP ECU does what other similar units on the market cannot do: convert the factory Mass Air Flow (MAF) or Karman-Vortex (VKF) signal into a speed-density (or manifold pressure) based signal, allowing the user to completely remove the factory air metering system. This adjustability means that the MAP ECU has coverage for over 90% of current production cars on the road today. One of the most powerful features of the MAP ECU is its ability to self-learn from factory MAF or Karman-Vortex meters. This feature means you can build a base fuel map using factory components then install aftermarket components and adjust the mapping to suit your needs. This makes the MAP ECU perfect for OBDII-equipped cars, since you can build a base map using the OEM sensors, and then remove the sensors so that no fault codes are tripped in the process. The MAP ECU basically becomes invisible to the factory ECU, but lets you remove the air meter and have all the advantages of an adjustable fuel curve by modifying the airflow input.

Some other features of the MAP ECU include a wide band oxygen sensor input for monitoring and logging the air/fuel ratio in real-time (a Bosch LSM-II sensor is available separately), TPS input for throttle-based fuel enrichment, and dual pressure switch circuits to activate auxiliary devices according to manifold pressure. The pressure switch circuits are perfect for activating additional fuel pumps, NOS systems, or intercooler spray bar systems. A basic installation of the MAP ECU requires connection to only four wires at the factory ECU (+12v Ignition, Ground, RPM input, and Air Flow Meter input to the ECU) making installation easy for even the inexperienced installer. The MAP ECU features a built-in -12 psi to +30 psi pressure sensor with a customizable pressure scale and a 0-8000 RPM engine speed scale. The basic kit includes the MAP ECU, an un-terminated 3’ universal wiring harness, air temperature sensor, serial cable, installation and tuning manual, and MAP ECU software on CD ROM.
You need to change the spark plug wires out first. Might as well do a cap and rotor for the distributor while you're busy.