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Matte grey exterior

14 July 2023
I've noticed that there was a matte grey exterior color available for gen 2 NSXs, and believe that this could be advantageous if not wanting too much attention is a goal.
But does anyone know if this color has a glossy clearcoat over it?
Does the overall look better hide scratches in that clearcoat?
Would you think that this color is less desirable when it comes to resale?
Note: the photo looks as if there is green in the color.

It is a very rare color called Norde Grey..there are a 2 owners who have owned it that have posted on prime..not to be confused with the Gotham matte of the type S which is a pita to care for..
Thanks, docjohn. There are a couple of them out there for sale. I've oven envisioned having a paint wrap that mimics totally neglected exterior paint, so as to not draw any attention to it. On the other hand, it may draw even more attention and ire of sportscar people who may be shocked at the appearance.

The Norde Grey may be similar in that it could possibly look like silver with its clearcoat destroyed by excessive UV exposure.
It is more greenish..
Actually, the color I have seen of two NSXs is a wrap, not an original color. That explains my confusion.
Actually, the color I have seen of two NSXs is a wrap, not an original color. That explains my confusion.
I’ve seen a few wrapped in 3M Satin Dark Gray. Looks pretty similar to Gotham.

Love how they color matched the door handles. I like this color too but not sure how maintenance is.

It's somewhat like pewter. I like how is (Hopefully) does not draw attention to itself. .....invisible to the highway patrol?
I’d love to see and maybe own a Norde Gray. Looks incredible.

And I just sold a Mercedes wagon with the designo matte gray finish. Stunning car and I got tons of compliment… and easy to care for as long as you like hand washing it. Not fun in the winter. Sometimes a car wash is really convenient.

I used Dr. Beasley’s products on it. The paint coating really helped when cleaning it. One cross country trip I ran over grease and I got it off easily with the help of the coating and their matte paint cleanser. Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Detailer is also safe to use.

You can also wrap matte paint and keep the matte look. Lots of info on Mercedes sites.