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Meet the flocker...

5 April 2004
I can't seem to find some of the other pix I took but I'll try to update this thread if I can find them.

Ok, are you missing that deep black finish in your glovebox and coin tray? Did you chip that felt off of the glovebox panel? There's a product out there made by DonJer that restore that fuzzy dark black look. DonJer got the product to me the day after I ordered it much to my surprise.

I bought a kit of the black nylon fiber which is fade resistant. It comes in 16 different colors if you want to make your car look different. I'm thinking of white for the guy who painted his console trim white, royal blue for Bobolinski, and orange for up2yu. The glue is a matching color and you'll understand why in just a bit.

The kit comes with a bag of nylon fibers and a color matched glue. It also comes with an easy to use and somewhat ingenious self pumping can you use to shoot the flock on. You'll want to have a project box that is lined with plastic so that you can reclaim the excess flock. A trashbag works good for this. I wanted to learn so I took the aluminum cover from inside the armrest storage compartment and stripped the felt off of it. Then I just brushed the glue on and shot the flock on it. It takes about 15 hours to fully dry. When I took it out into the sun, the finish wasn't really all that consistent. It looked a little patchy although I thought I shot the flock everywhere. Welp, it took a little trial and error to learn that you could actually just brush glue on over the first shot of flock and shoot some more on. After one more coat of flock, I got a really nice black finish.

This was this weekend's project. Next time I will shoot the coin tray and eventually the rest of the armrest storage. But I will not strip the felt off and instead go over it with the glue and flock. I think that armrest storage will be tough.

Now for the pics... Notice the contrast between the armrest storage and the freshly flocked panel.

Adding 2 more pictures. One of the glue on the panel and one of the panel after I flocked it. :)

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That's just flocking brilliant!!!!!!
Think this would work for the engine cover? Mine is not too pretty at the moment.
Flocking terrific.....thanks for the hook up!!! :cool: Can we flock my rims next? :biggrin:

Malibu Rapper said:
That's what I ultimately wanted to move up to. It will not be as easy a job as the coin tray but is probably doable in 2 coats and in sections. The coin tray turned out great, I'm working on another one and will take pictures.