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Minor Body Work Chicago

28 March 2000
Took a stone to the hood today on the Kennedy. It is on the edge of the hood on the passenger side. I took it to dent busters and they said the location of the "ding" is going to be diffucult for them. Anyone in the Chicagoland area know if a good body shop? I have had work done at Ohare autobody on Irving Park in Bensenville. They did a great jo on my Pathfinder.... but as we all are.... I'm very cautious with my NSX.

Thanks for the input.


There are several body shops in the Chicago area with a lot of NSXperience. In my opinion, the very best is:

Last Detail Auto Restoration
2900 US Highway 41
North Chicago, IL 60064
(847) 689-8822

Two others are Acura of Libertyville (only one of the 9 Chicago-area dealers that has its own body shop) and Schaumburg Auto Body in Schaumburg/Roselle.

Any of these should be able to assist you.