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Missing something in fender?? HELP

5 November 2002
Looked at a car today. Cant upload the pic because its on my phone. On the passenger side of the engine bay there is a cut out in the fender that goes to the air intake. On the drivers side there is an airbox there. Whats on the passenger side? This car had nothing. I could see into the fender cavity. I think there is suppose to be some kind of diffuser or something. Can anyone help?
Are you talking about the small fan that was on the early cars (91-94)? In the later models this fan on the passenger side was removed because it really didn't do anything to help. THere's a few threads out there but I don't remember what the fan was called for sure.
Not sure if its a fan or not. Just seemed strange that there is a gaping hole leading from the engine bay into the fender well that leads into the air intake. I mean, wouldn't the air just gather in the fender cavity?
FWIW my '03 has nothing but a gaping hole there as well:biggrin: Seems that I have read that in previous years of which I cannot remember, there was a ventilation fan which was phased out as not needed.
OK, I think THIS mystery is solved. Thanks!