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Motor package or stroker kit vendors

1 April 2006
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I am sure most of us have considered rebuilding our engine at some point in our ownership of our NSX. I hope this thread will list out all the vendors and the motor packages and stroker kits offered by each of them.

I understand that SOS sells 3.5 stroker kit for FI and NA application.

I have been told by FXMD that they sell 3.2 motor package with aftermarket crankshaft, pistons and con rods. Does it include all parts (eg including con rod and main bearing, headgasket, con rod fasteners etc) which are dynamically balanced and ready to install?

I believe Brian Crower produces stroker kit (3.4, correct me if I am wrong) for sale. Is there any vendor of this kit on nsxprime? The description of this kit states that it comprises "custom forged aluminum pistons, premium alloy wrist pins, full ring pack, 4340 steel billet connecting rods w/ARP fasteners, and ACL Bearings. All this equals a fully balanced system, ready to install."

Apparently, Driving Ambition sells stroker kit but it is not listed on it's website.

It would be great if we could compile all the available stroker kits or motor packages (I use this term to refer to after market rotating parts, eg pistons, con rods, crankshaft, which retains the oem stroke) that is available, it's components, it's technical specification, pricing, vendor details, whether it is full kit that has been fully balanced and ready to install.

I have just sent my engine block to get it resleeved. It is not easy to decide on which kit or package to get, more so where information on components, technical specification, completeness of the kit and pricing is hard to get.

Your help in compiling these information will be much appreciated. It will be useful to me and all nsx owners who are at a crossroad of their engine build.

Apparently, Driving Ambition sells stroker kit but it is not listed on it's website.

That right there IS the SOLUTION to your quest.
If I were going for a engine rebuild/stroker kit/anything mechanical.. DA would be an easy choice. Lots of other great options, just only one best option imo..
I can attest to SOS's care and quality in their stroker package. Really enjoy my car now.

It's how the engine should have come from the factory.