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MotorKlasse Titanium wheel nut/lock

18 April 2005


MotorKlasse makes high quaility Titanium wheel nut/locks for NSX.
Our products are exclusively made in Japan, providing feather light and rigid structure that Titanium offers.
Our wheel nut/lock wont strip like competitor's weak aluminum wheel nuts.
Whole package is set of 16 Titanium wheel nuts and 4 Titanium wheel locks
Spec is M12x1.5 so it fits all NSX.
It has cone seat.
We are offering introductory price exclusive to NSX Prime member for $370 shipped to lower states.
We have these in stock in NY and ready to ship.
Please visit our site for more details and pictures and reply/PM/email to [email protected] if you are interested.

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$370 shipped might sound little expensive for wheel nut but I like to let you know that our product is not overpriced.

Raw material price of titanium is much higher than aluminum and it takes much more labor and expensive equipment to make titanium products.
FYI, other JDM tuner's weak aluminum wheel nut goes for $100-150.
As you know titanium has much more advantages over aluminum and Titanium wheel nuts/bolts are often being used in F1 cars too.

MotorKlasse makes various titanium products in Japan(Ti connecting rod, Ti exhaust, Ti retainers..ect..). We are now getting into North America with titanium wheel nut and exhaust. So you can expect world class craftsmanship and quality.
Actually, it is a fair price; however, my concern lies in the potential for theft. I notice you have one with a regular outside hex pattern, and another with the special inter-drive pattern. Is that latter of the two a custom pattern chosen by your company, or is it the same used by Gorilla and McGard. I am concerned that Civic Ricer Boy will come along with his Gorilla key and steal my $370 lugs!
Braink- so far we dont have ball seat(for OEM wheel) nuts yet because we expected that owners w/aftermarket wheel would interested on aftermarket wheel nut/lock package.

Juice- Our lock is made for just for our wheel locks so other company's adaptor's won't fit. However nuts are standard 19mm nuts.
Our wheel nut doesnt stands out since it has natural titanium color.
Modernceo said:
Wow, very nice. Just a heck of a price for lugnuts !
One of our students, who was driving a F360 Challenge, at CGI Motorsports Drivers School last month told us he paid $95 each for titanium lug nuts for his car. That makes this offer a real bargain.
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