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MotorTrend compares the 2022 Type S NSX to the 2022 Porsche Carrera GTS

Having owned and sold or traded a C4S, 997tt, two subsequent turbo s, a gt3, and a gt2 rs, it was hope of “better next time” and some bullshit article like this that hooked me. 60 years later one still arrives in a 911 “half deaf and beaten up” or whatever the Clarkson quote is. In default settings the PDK 991 cars try to get into 7th gear at 30mph, requiring a long wake up call for ECU trans and turbos. And keep fresh rear tires on, too, for safety. PCNA policies are near criminal. Smarter and better informed folks than me have done some worry about VWs increasing influence on P. I do miss the steering feel of the base 997s, and If seeking a manual trans car, I’d have to grit my teeth look at the GTS. Makes me grin the NSX is so far ahead tech wise.
A more "fair" comparison should be against all the other "super hybrids". Start with a 918 comparison.

When I was shopping I almost got an I8.

I decided if I was gonna get a hybrid it was gonna be a bitchin one.

The NSX was a bargain.
The I8 reminds me of a kit car......wild looks and modest oomph
yea I had to look that up...just over 20k made...that is more than I thought..
BMW sure sold a lot of them and the specs are not bad at all. The cheapest all carbon fiber car out there.


However, when I saw the NSX I forgot all about it.

yea I had to look that up...just over 20k made...that is more than I thought..

I went to a BMW event a few years back, got to drive an I8 "unaccompanied" for up to 1/2 hour, after 10 minutes I had enough. At the time, I owned a 2015 650IX convertible, that I found much more enjoyable than the I8.