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Moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

4 August 2005
Springfield, MO
Okay everyone, I'm now in Saudi doing some consulting work, looks like I will be here a few years at the minimum. Question if anyone knows is this - if I have my vehicle shipped from the states to Saudi will the it run on the fuel they have or not. I'm not sure but think they are still running all leaded gas over here and I'm sure that an unleaded burning engine with CATS will not last long. All I see at the pumps are 92 and 95 Ratings...

Any help is appreciated. - thks -
Unleaded is available. I think they began converting in 2001.
Octane rating in the USA is the mean of the ratings as determined by so-called research and motor methods; that's what the (R+M)/2 seen on pumps in the USA means.

Many other markets use RON (research octane rating). RON is higher than (R+M)/2 and thus not directly comparable.
Hmm in the US we use Ethanol, is it free from this substitate there?

If it is your in real good shape.
That is good information, at least I know that will keep the supercharged range rover fed and at a whole whopping US $45 cents a gallon over here I don't need worry about my fuel bill.... :wink:

Are you kidding? 45 cents a gallon?????