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My build

18 November 2010
Pasadena, CA
I guess I haven't done a "build" thread yet, so here goes.

I would like to build within a reasonable budget, a 300 wHP naturally aspirated 3.0L NSX. I primarily drive the car on weekends, and enjoy "spirited" driving along many different routes here in So Cal.

The Car Itself
I bought "Elsa" last October from tbromley. She is a 1991 silver car that had about 48,000 miles when I bought her. She was in great condition, my only complaint about her were the wheels she came with (TSW Hockenheims). She also came with Comptech headers, an OEM NA2 exhaust system, Dali's "hot chip", Dali's shift light, and the Cantrell AIS.

Modifications (Done)
Installed Bilstein HD shocks on the lowest perch, mated with stock springs.
Installed the NSX-R front chassis bars (upper & lower).
Replaced the Dali "street" front sway bar with the NSX-R sway bar.
Replaced the factory transmission with a 4.23 final drive/JDM short gear-equipped transmission; while I was at it I upgraded the clutch to a Clutchmasters FX200 piece (it came with an aluminum flywheel as well). During the swap I upgraded the transmission mount to a STMPO piece (I am kicking myself for not buying the other mounts before Ross stopped making them altogether).
Installed RDX fuel injectors and had Brian (Prospeed) reprogram my ECU to accept the new injectors. This was a well-documented project.
Installed TiDave's short shifter kit, along with a TWM "M1" weighted shift knob
Installed whiteNSX's HID kit (4300k)
Had the rear hatch, side windows, and front windshield tinted.
I have removed the following:
  • trunk tool kit
  • CD changer bracket (in the trunk)
  • spare tire + bracket
  • engine cover
  • windshield wipers

Planned Modifications for the Short Term
Ported intake manifold, mated to a 74 mm Blox throttle body
Prospeed exhaust system
Prospeed cold-air intake system
Tein RAs
Hawk HPS pads, Stoptech brakelines, Motul 600 fluid, STMPO brake ducts
AEM fuel pressure regulator, Autometer fuel pressure gauge, and re-test the RDX injectors at 60 psi
ATI engine damper
Installation of Autometer 2 5/8" Ultra Lite gauges (water temp., oil pressure)
Volk wheels (16" front/17" rear; TE37s or CE28s will be fine)
Removal of:
  • windshield wiper motors, washer fluid reservoir
  • OEM stereo system, speakers, amps, CD changer, antenna and subwoofer
  • rear sway bar

Modifications for the Long Term
Ported cylinder heads
Custom newly cast camshafts with 12.0 mm of lift, valvesprings as appropriate

That is all for now. I will update when there is something worthwhile to mention.
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As far as I know Ken Sampson has the "only" 72 mm DBW throttle body...it's a Blox unit as well.
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I just picked up my WPC-treated parts today.

Rocker shafts
Cam caps

WPC treated cam caps.jpgWPC treated rocker shafts.jpg

I would have had the cam "saddle" (lower portion of the cam journal) treated, but Izumi at WPC told me that the media tends to get into the little crevices on the cylinder head, and that's not a good thing. The K-series engines features a separate cam saddle that is removable (on the C-series it's integrated with the cylinder head). Oh well.

I would also have treated the camshafts and rocker arms, except I'm still holding out hope that I can pull off the K-series roller rocker arm conversion. If I decide against pursuing it, I'll go ahead and have the camshafts and rocker arms WPC treated as well.
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Update: I'm going to Bisimoto today to get re-tuned.

Since my last update, I've:

Installed the ATI damper
Installed the Prospeed Sport exhaust
Installed the ported intake manifold with 74 mm throttle body
Installed the Comptech camshafts

Any guesses on wHP? Last time there I peaked at 264 wHP. However, that was in January 2012 and it's going to be much hotter and humid today.

Also, I picked up a set of 17x8/17x9 Spoon SW388s and will be installing them with some of the new Dunlop Direzza ZIIs (215/40 front and 255/40 rear) in the next week or so.
Also, I picked up a set of 17x8/17x9 Spoon SW388s and will be installing them with some of the new Dunlop Direzza ZIIs (215/40 front and 255/40 rear) in the next week or so.
You might want to unfriend Kuni and I on Facebook. We are rubbing off on you and it's detrimental for your wallet! ...just looking out for you man.
You might want to unfriend Kuni and I on Facebook. We are rubbing off on you and it's detrimental for your wallet! ...just looking out for you man.

It's too late...the floodgates on my wallet have burst wide open...LOL
So, we had some interesting results from yesterday's dyno tuning session.

First off, it was 100 degrees and humid. That was awful.

We started with Brian (Prospeed) and Bisi re-calibrating the TPS. That is now 100% fixed.

They then spent the next 2 hours readjusting AFRs, as the car was running rich. (This was opposite of my hypothesis, as I thought the car would run lean with all the air we were giving it). During this time we discovered that my fan wasn't running, thanks to a busted engine coolant temp. sensor (add that to the "to do" list).

Ultimately, the car made 285 wHP at 8000 RPM. The cams want more RPM, but I just don't know if my valvesprings can handle it. I'm also concerned about the oil pump gear at those higher speeds as well.

Brian didn't touch ignition timing, as he felt we should wait until we dial the cams in (so YES - adjustable cam gears are NECESSARY when running Comptech cams - you cannot get away with installing them at "0" and calling it a day) and got some better valvesprings.

The other interesting observation is that there is no more vacuum now, but rather some positive pressure. I don't think we're boosting or anything (LOL), but rather I think that is a function of the air velocities inside the manifold throwing the pressure sensor off.

The car feels great, but it's very exciting (and scary at the same time) to know that there's a lot more power left in the (stock bottom end) motor.

Engine projects will be put on hold at this time, due to budget constraints. My CCU appears to have died on me, so that is next on my "to do" list.

Edit: Congrats to RYU for calling it on the dot...285 wHP.
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