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My c5 is history -- let the NSX search begin

4 September 2000
Well, if finally happened -- I bit the bullet and sold my '99 C5 Hardtop. It was a great car, and my fourth Corvette. While the car was a huge improvement over the previous models, it still had the unfortunate Chevrolet touch -- an abundance of plastic and a shortage of reliability. It will, however, be hard to match the great low end grunt of the tried and true V8. For those who have driven the new C5 and compared the car to the previous models, I'm sure you will agree that the rigidity of the chassis and the outward visibility is a world better that it was.

Anyway, since 1991, I have admired the NSX. I have collected the important memorabilia, including the glossy hard bound book which Acura released in 91, and which remains a high water mark of promotional literature. I have poured over my back issues of Car and Driver and Road and Track, and read the glowing reviews generally given to the NSX. I have driven the car, and I got a taste of the Acura mystique when I bought a new 1994 Legend Coupe, which I drove for three years.

The time has now come to join the ranks of NSX owners. After the sale of the Corvette along with other funds, I have a modest amount to spend -- around $50,000 -- for my NSX. This amount, of course, means that my search will focus on low mileage cars in the 93-94 range.

If any of you have pearls of wisdom to share with me as I press forward with my search, I would very much appreciate hearing from you. I have read and enjoyed your various posts for several months now, and yes, I have read EVERY WORD of the FAQ section of this site. Please tell me what you think I need to know! Thanks.
How about a BRAND NEW '92 with only 2xx miles and never registered? My dealer has one for sale, black w/Ivory interior. It'll come with full warranty(3yrs/36k), which I'm sure is honored at all(maybe most?) Acura/Honda dealerships worldwide. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll get some pricing for you.

*oh, one thing about the car. It was repainted because it had some scratches from flying debris during a typhoon. There has never been any body damage, just minor scratches. This being the reason for the repaint.

Let me know, and good luck with your search.

For $50K you should be able to find a low mileage 95. Look on Cars.com and autotrader.com.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
If you don't want a garage queen and want to save some money, there is a red/black '95 NSX-T at Acura Southwest in TX for $43k. It's had some panels repainted but they said the damage was just cosmetic. 59k miles and they will do full 60k service prior to delivery at that price.