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My Dali situation: 3 months and counting......


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25 September 2000
Tyson's Corner, VA
Well, I ordered and paid for a coolant bottle from Dali 3 months ago and have not yet received the item. I have not heard a peep from Mark about my order status. Has anyone else been waiting on a coolant bottle? The funny thing is that in June he said it would be a week or two. Hopefully he didn't mean a year or two.

Should I just ask for my money back or wait it out?

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Wish you luck!
I just ordered a Dali coolant bottle from Mark few days ago, but the good thing is I haven't paid.

Why does it take so long to ship a coolant bottle?! I remember Mark told me in his email that he has the bottle in stock!
If he does have them in stock, it's about time that Dali takes a serious look at improving customer service/satisfaction. Which bottle did you order? I think mine was the brushed aluminum, but I am not sure as it as been so long.
I'm waiting on front spacers for my new wheels.

I payed for these the beginning of last week, Mark said they were in stock, but he hasn't returned my 2 previous emails, and I don't know when the parts are coming.

The bad thing is is that I really need these ASAP!

- Sam

ps If I don't hear back from him in a few days I'm going to bring this matter to attention in the general forums of both nsxsc and prime and email Mark with the links. After I have paid for something, I expect to have my emails returned within a reasonable timeframe and some estimate of when the product will ship.
Sorry to hear about your problems.We can add you to the list of about 20 people that got screwed by the NSX GOD dirtbag thief.He has a used hood that i had delivered to his shop to be made into a scooped hood for almost a year. Haven't gotten an email from the loser
for about 4 months.Thank god you didnt send him money for something really expensive like a big brake kit or a supercharger

good luck guys
welcome to the club!
Paul M
I bought a radiator shield and had to wait 9 months for it...
Mark seems to be an off and On person.
The coolant bottle I ordered he shipped THE DAY I ordered it. WOW.
But some of the other stuff....
I used to be a member of the club. But luckily I've gotten my money back. Please do not send money in advance to Dali, even if the item is in stock. If you must order from them, pay after the item has been received. I don't think Dali understands the meaning of in stock.
Originally posted by Sig:
Well, I ordered and paid for a coolant bottle from Dali 3 months ago and have not yet received the item.....

By now "welcome to the club" is probably appropriate. I made the foolish mistake of ordering from Mark Johnson about 5 weeks ago. No response to numerous emails, including requests for my money back. I am lucky that it was only $50.

Seems like Mr. Johnson thinks he is above the law. Well, stay tuned...
I've ordered from Dali twice now with no problems...

First time was in December I ordered the Gruppe M intake. After a fiasco with PayPal that made me swear I would never use their service, Mark said he would send the item to me anyway and I could send in payment in the mail. I received the item 3 days later, before I had even sent him payment. I was very surprised at how trusting he was-- i.e. a vendor I have never done business with before sending an $800 item and just hoping I'll send him the money. I was impressed to say the least!

My second purchase was just two weeks ago. Ordered the street/race sway bars since Mark said they were "in stock". They arrived at my doorsteep about 4 days later, again prior to me sending payment. Mark even responded in great detail to 3 or 4 lengthy e-mail messages I sent him regarding these bars and their effects on handling.

I don't doubt everyone else's stories here. But had I not heard these, I would be 100% confident in Dali based on my experiences thus far.
Mark refunding my 160 dollars the other day after I mentioned that NSXPrime and NSXSC were both aware of my situation. I don't think I'm going to do any more business with Mark, my confidence with him has been undermined. Or at least I will do COD.

I have ordered the following products from Mark Johnson. Dual scoop hood, Gruppe M air cleaner, Dali clutch, light weight flywheel, short gears, ring & pinion, stainless steel brake lines, polished coolant tank, polished coil covers, polished injector covers, fire extinguisher mount, Valentine 1 mount, H&R springs, Dali sway bars, Smartenna and Type R emblems. In all of my dealings with Mark he has been upfront when there was going to be a delay. The longest wait (six weeks) was the dual scoop hood that was not his fault a slow fabrication company caused it. As has been indicated before, I have received many of the products before he has received my check. Just have patience with Mark and he will come through.