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My Interior Conversion

11 March 2007
Well I've been busy modding my NSX away when I thought "why not do the interior almost like the Type R but with my own twist"...

So I did and I love it!

-Black Alcantara w/Red stitching on dash, center console, doors, and rear engine firewall
-Red Alcantara w/Black stitching on headliner, A and B Pillars, and Sun Visors
-Bride Brix II seats as I wanted adjustables instead of solid buckets
-Red Type R carpet with Red floor mats
-Matte Black Center Console from Dali Racing and painted all of the previous Ivory pieces Matte Black except the hood release button (don't ask)
-Momo Tuner 320mm wheel from Evof575gtc with NRG Quick release and cruise control buttons

Some notes if your attempting this feat - plan ahead for leaving your car at an upholstery place for at least 3 weeks. Make sure they have the NSX Service Manual and remove the door panels as they should be (the one guy broke all of my clips on the passenger and drivers door thinking they popped off like most modern cars - nope they don't). Numpty! I learnt the hard way so please remember...

If you're wondering how much it cost...it was $2700 U.S. for the complete interior material including the carpet I bought here on NSX Prime.

Here is the first shot I've taken and will post the rest tomorrow when I take them off my GF's camera:

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Wow!!!.....:eek: this is sooooo bad ass..........

Props to you my man... Lov'n it.

How hard is it to remove the dash? Seems like a complicated tasks..

The alacantara on the dash etc looks INCREDIBLE! Wow, superb taste. Why not do that on the steering wheel as well a la Porsche ;)

ohhh myyyyy.......(in a good way) :biggrin:

I know you are going for a contrast in colors but that dash and the seats really clash. I have to admit your dash immediately makes me think of the 360 Stradale interior and you really did a great job on that area. I think you should have just kept the entire interior in black suede with red stitching and keep the red carpet. But your seats should have been done in that material too and oh boy it would be sweet.

What rails are you using on those Bride Brix II seats?

Great job and the cost isn't too bad - props for doing something different.

btw I like that steering wheel - is the the TEAM 300 from Momo?

thanks for posting this pic, can't wait to see the rest!

One sec here are more photos! hehe...just figured out how to extract them from my GF's complex camera. Oh man...

The shop that did my interior said the NSX dash was complex but they still had it out in 1 day (almost the whole interior).

Exterior - done!


Interior - done!




The alacantara on the dash etc looks INCREDIBLE! Wow, superb taste. Why not do that on the steering wheel as well a la Porsche ;)


Ravi thanks but lI wanted a good feeling wheel and the Alcantara would wear out as I track the car ;)
Nicely done! I may be gutting out my interior too if I could find someone to do it for the same price here in Cali. BTW, have you check your head clearance with your helmet on yet?
Your interior looks incredible !! :eek:
You certainly have nerve doing it all out like this. Personally, I would have chosen a different color for the seat, more like that of the alcantara, because it would give a bit more contrast, but it certainly looks nice. And probably, since the area you live is very hot, these seats are more comfortable too.

One question though?
Was the Alcantara glued and stitched to the dash or just stitched?
Wondering if a recover like this will not start to warp or shrink in a hot climate.

Next step MUST be different brakes of course :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Very nice work but no radio?:biggrin: I love the black/red combo, the entire setup is sick. Rims, 02+ conversion, etc. You get "The Kid's" seal of approval:biggrin:
WOW Love The headliner........The car doesn't look gloomy .....I did the red carpet in mine also......show off that carpet with some clear mats..........:rolleyes:


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That NSX looks money. The alcantra/ suede consoles, are they rewrap or new from Honda? Love it.
Interior look great $2700 bucks!!!!! You mean you had the whole interior done for 2700 buck? Were is this shop? There are otheres charging 4x that!
Interior look great $2700 bucks!!!!! You mean you had the whole interior done for 2700 buck? Were is this shop? There are otheres charging 4x that!

ya... where did u get that done at!
thats a score for the work that was done
Interior look great $2700 bucks!!!!! You mean you had the whole interior done for 2700 buck? Were is this shop? There are otheres charging 4x that!

if you look at his location, it says Dubai so i would assume... Dubai.. Of course, if the same job was done in Mexico or Thailand, $2700 goes a LONNNNNNG way. :biggrin:
Your car is hella clean.... where did you get the fabric for the interior? WOW!!!
HOLY S#!T!!!! WTF~!!!!! That is sick man, I was expecting to see a 02+ interior swap but I got blown away. Also agreed that $2700 is a hell of a bargain to make your interior look this good. I vote this to be the best NSX interior.
I agree the updates on the dash doors ect do modernize the car.Classy and rich looking.I would also agree that the solid red seats are too red.Maybe if they put a grey suede in the center seat sections to match the rest of the interior.
Hi All,

Many thanks for the compliments and suggestions. :)

The Alcantara material was glued onto some very thin foam then stapled to the underside with pressure. That way no lifting will occur in this hot climate and this same process is done on other luxury cars as well. All of the work was done here in Dubai at a shop that normally does all of the high end exotics.

I chose the Red seats as my goal was to keep the roof area red, carpet area red, and have the seats connect both by being the same color. Then have the dash, center console, doors, and engine firewall be the black color that wraps around the interior. I don't think the camera is showing the true coloring so I'll see if I can snap some daylight photos.

Stereo will be next! I've bought a Kenwood Double Din unit and the SOS double din bracket kit, etc. But maybe in the fall...I sort of want to walk away from the car for a while and enjoy it how she sits.

Tested the seats with my helmet and I fit fine. I'm 5'11" and 85kg and the fit is perfect although I wouldn't want to be any taller. I don't know what rails I'm using as we told Bride its a NSX and I wanted to sit low.

The Alcantara material came from Germany as someone had asked.
Wow, that looks amazing! I'm sure it looks even better in person since Alcantra and/or suede never photographs that well.

BTW, just curious about your screen name, do you happen to work for Emirates?
haha...no I don't work for Emirates. Everyone thinks I do but no I'm a Logistics Manager on The World island project for Nakheel (World shaped islands we built). Check our projects out at www.nakheel.com

Jetpilot was a wetsuit sponsor of mine when I was younger so the name stuck as I like it.