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My NSX - the rebirth!

3 May 2010
Dallas area
As many of you know, my baby had a near-death experience. For those who don't know the background story, it is detailed here . Long story short - my baby got blindsided by an uninsured doofus and sustained enough damage that the insurance company wanted to total her. After much negotiation, I have her back with a non-salvaged title and a big check so I and am having her brought back to life!

Our kind moderator referred me to Primer pbassjo, better known as Joe Lomoriello from Vince's Auto Body Works in Poughkeepsie NY. Poughkeepsie is a long way from Dallas, TX but after talking with Joe for about an hour and a half, I decided that he knows his stuff and was the one to trust with the job. So, on April 3rd, I had her loaded onto a Passport Transport enclosed truck ($1800) and she was on her on her way! After a circuitous route, where she went south before turning back north, she showed up at Joe's shop on April 11. Of course, Joe took pictures of her being unloaded and texted them to me immediately:

He snapped another, after she was wheeled inside. If you look closely, you can see a blue beauty that he is also restoring:


I got a copy of the estimate from the local body ship that had examined the car and texted that to Joe, for his reference. He called me, almost immediately, laughing in amazement at that estimate. He said that whomever did the quoting was obviously unfamiliar with the car and not comfortable with working on it. He said that many unnecessary parts and much unnecessary labor was worked into the quote as insurance for the body shop. He said that actually, the damage to my car was not that bad and one of the more lightly damaged NSX's that he had ever worked on. He assured me that he can get everything back into factory specs! That made me breath a HUGE sigh of relief :smile:

He got to work right away and on April 14, he already had her up on the fixture for a little laser measuring (she looks perfect from the passenger side):


Joe is using brand new OEM parts whenever possible. Some parts are just not available anymore so he is procuring used parts, such as the upper and lower control arms, but restoring them with new bearings, in this case. One big ticket item that we have not been able to find used is the front wheel. Acura wants $2k for one, so if any of you guys happen to have or know of one lying around, please contact me :redface:

One area where I am not going stock is the hood. I ordered a VIS Type R hood and had it sent directly to Joe. He has installed quite a few of them before and said he can get a factory quality fit. Nice! He said that since I want to paint it, to save myself some money and get the FRP version because it is so much easier to paint. So for $700 dollars, I ordered it directly from VIS. Here are a few pics of him mocking up the hood on the car. He said that there are a few areas to fix but there always are, regardless of the source of the hood:




I feel really good about my choice. Joe is a great guy and calls or texts me almost everyday to let me know what's going on. He is currently waiting for more parts to arrive before sending more pics but I will keep this thread updated until she is back home, sleeping in her own garage, so stay tuned :biggrin:
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That's great that the whole ordeal was profitable for you. If I had known my engine blew when it did, I might have just hit a wall.:biggrin:
No better man/shop to work on your car than Joe. He's a prince of a man, and a magician with the NSX!! You'll be more than satisfied when you get your car back!!!
Happy to hear you're getting your car back!

+1 for Joe and his team at Vince's Auto Body. They're as good as it gets when it comes to working on NSXs. As a fellow yellow (Spa) NSX owner, I can also attest to the fact his paint matching skills are second to none. You will not be disappointed.
Following this thread. Check acurapartsforless.com for the wheel and other parts and use coupon 5nsx for 5% off.
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Yeah these companies with cheap remanufactured OEM wheels will sell you wheels they don't have in stock and then start looking for one once you pay them and give you the run around.
Thanks for looking but Joe and I both contacted those guys and they don't really have one. They lied to Joe and said that they had 6 "last week" and just sold the last one. He called BS on 'em.
Awesome. Glad you are restoring it. I guess I know where I'm going if someone hurts my NSX.
The bonus for you guys working with Joe..if you are a musician you can jam....:cool:
I've been trying to source a single OEM front wheel (new or used) to absolutely no avail! I contacted Tim at oemacuraparts.com and he searched his database and found that there is no inventory in the US and none scheduled til July 28! I also contacted Marc at theNSXShop and he found no inventory in Japan until July 27. But Joe is a magician! He ordered one and it is due here next week! Yes, it's the $2000 one but it puts my baby one step closer to coming back home, so I am happy! Kudos to Joe :smile:
Thought it was time for an update on this project. We've been somewhat in a waiting period while the parts filter in. That damn wheel is still eluding us though. Both Joe and I were both sure that we'd found one but nothing has shown up yet. But other pieces have come in so Joe and crew have been hard at work. He has repaired the driver side "bucket" area that the headlight sits in and I think it looks quite nice:




Joe said everything moved back into place nicely :smile: Now, he is getting ready to seat the new headlight back in place:


Things are looking up! Still waiting for the control arms and knuckle and of course....the wheel
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Progress is really being made now! After deciding that the OEM wheel is made of unobtainium, I sourced a nice set of NSX fitment BBS LM's to get the project moving. Pictures of those later. But now, the hard part is done and it's time to make her pretty again :biggrin: Here she is in the paint booth, sporting her custom-fitted VIS Type R hood. Props to Joe! It shouldn't be too much longer now :smile:
Congrats bro. So glad you kept her....
It won't be much longer now! I will be heading to NY next week, to meet Joe and inspect his fine craftsmanship. Then I will make plans to bring her back home, where she belongs :smile: The wheels are out for reconditioning but will be back soon! NSX spec BBS LM's with a 17" - 18" stagger.

Well, my long story is about to finish up with a happy ending :biggrin: Last week, I visited Vince's Auto Body Works in Poughkeepsie, NY to inspect the NSX and, better yet, take her on a test drive! (2 actually). I am happy to report that the car handles every bit as well as it did before the accident! No strange noises or ill feedback through the steering wheel at all. Joe and his team are true craftsmen who take the utmost pride in their work. They are even fixing things that were not remnants of the accident. Joe says that "Your car has to be perfect when you get it home" and he means it. And, I think she is even more beautiful than ever. The Type R hood and new wheels give her a different and more aggressive look:



And here are the two talented gentlemen who did the bulk of the work. Joe Lomoriello is on the left and Tommy Schneider is on the right.


Joe and I created a punch list of, mostly small, items to be corrected before she comes home. Actually, Joe found most of the issues. I'm hoping to have her back by August 12 so I can rejoin the local group for a sponsored event at Goodson Acura in Dallas.

Once again, I cannot recommend Joe and Vince's Auto Body Works any more highly. They know the car and how to fix them correctly. He had 4 other NSX's there being repaired and he said that 2 others had just been finished and returned to their happy owners. What an asset to the community Joe and company are :smile:
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