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My sway bar link snapped :(

30 August 2005
I was at a HPDE day and noticed that the car was oversteering a bit. I am running the Comptech Pro 1000/600.

When I got home I did my usual post track inspections and noticed that the Left sway bar link had completely snapped. That explains the oversteer and the increased body roll. :rolleyes:

Just curious if anyone else has snapped a sway bar link? I have the Type R chasis braces but also added spacers to make my Dali 7/8" bar fit. It doesn't seem to be rubbing anywhere, but I am wondering if it is binding up under load thus causing the sway bar link to snap? This is also the first time that I ran the bar at the stiffest setting. I think I may go back to the middle setting as it is puts the links at a more vertical position.
I bought the SOS spacer kit and they came with longer bolts. I have about a 1/4" between the Dali sway and the type R chasis brace with the car up on jacks. Less when on the ground, but I can't get down there to see exactly how much.
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I suspect if you had only 1/4" when suspended then when loaded it will be pressing on the Type R brace. If the sway bar is still mounted at both ends, try to see how many quarter size washers (about 1.5-2mm) you can pass between the sway bar and the Type R while the car is loaded/on the ground. This is easy to test ........ you may have to take out your spare though to have access.

Did you hit any pot holes, or ride a berm - one of those with waves - hard? Were you running 45, 40 or 35 series tires? Slick tires, R compound or street tires? You still didn't say how many full turns the bolts gave you. All these variables "can" affect ......
I've heard of one broken on the rear but this car was stock.
I snapped a rear probably over a year ago. I was lowered on Tein RE but running stock rear sway, Type R front. I didn't feel like ordering a new one, so I ended up trashing the bushing of one end of the link by welding but it has held up very well for about 10,000+ miles now. Dont recall the angle of the link. I do remember it was a huge pain though getting it together because it was well off.
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I broke one also in the front. My car was at stock height with the Comptech bars on the middle position. I was also surprised, bug luckily it was a cheap fix .