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NA1/2 3D engine bay scan?

23 May 2020
SF Bay Area
Anyone have both

* An NA1/2 with the engine out of their car (@Honcho?!)
* Access to a 3d scanner

There is a dude I follow on instagram who has been working on a k-series-based flat-plane-crank 10k RPM V8 (the K48) for a few years. It looks amazing, and seems like he's on the cusp of a running prototype. Some links for those who haven't seen it:

* https://www.hagerty.com/media/peopl...k48-v-8-promises-to-be-a-pint-sized-screamer/
* https://www.instagram.com/neutronengines

He has been spending some time fitting the engine into various 3d-scanned engine bays, and the 1st gen NSX comes up a lot in instagram comments. He seems pumped about the prospect of this thing going into the NSX. I am also pumped about the prospect of this thing in an (my) NSX.

He had a story last week of the engine in a partially scanned NSX bay via [MENTION=26916]foundry3[/MENTION] (https://www.instagram.com/foundry_3), but said he needs a scan with the engine out to 100% know the fitment.

Anyone out there?
I'll work with Neutron on getting him an engine scan. I have a spare motor sitting in a stand. I plan to get a motor when it's ready for purchase. I will be offering a bolt in kit.
I'll work with Neutron on getting him an engine scan. I have a spare motor sitting in a stand. I plan to get a motor when it's ready for purchase. I will be offering a bolt in kit.

Amaze. That's good to hear, it seemed like he was still looking for someone to get him a full empty bay scan. And bolt in mounts! Will you be making NA headers too? Seems like a logical step. I'm in for mounts and headers. Do you think it'll use the J trans or the C?

RYU said:
I am pumped about getting this into your engine bay (and then mine lol)

Errybody pumped. I think long term, this is where the 90's enthusiast culture goes: away from scarcity dictated by some car company (try to buy a stock B18C these days) and toward platforms built by the aftermarket specifically for flogging. AWD civic/integras are a good example of this. 2012 people we're cutting and welding in their garages. Today you can almost put together a whole kit without sourcing some oldass honda part, everything else is new billet parts or built from non-scarce parts. Hot rodders have been living in this world, kit cobras, etc.
J Series most likely due to cost/availability. My friend Rich at RV6 makes stronger 3-4 gearing that is working well in 1200hp drag cars so we should be good to do some thumping around with that.

Ideally I'd love a DSG or DCT mated, but will see once the path is further defined.
[MENTION=36953]bogle[/MENTION] my S Zero car still has an empty bay (blame our buying a camper trailer and me having to become a RV mechanic for that!), but I do not have a 3D scanner. I'd be happy to do the scan is someone would lend me a scanner...

I agree the tuner community is swinging in the direction of essentially kit cars. With modern 3D printing and CNC capabilities, the only real limit is budget. BTW my dad has been driving a 347 stroker Ford V8 in his Gen1 Miata for almost 10 years. My issue with the idea is the question of when does it stop being a NSX? For me, the engine and drivetrain are a big part of the personality of a car. Once you remove those, it's just a shell, more or less. I love my dad's car and it is truly amazing to drive, but it's not really a Mazda Miata anymore. So, in my mind, if you're going to go that far to drop a high performance powertrain into a shell, then why not just go for an Ariel Atom or Caterham? Just my musings tho. As you can see I think about this a lot lol.