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NA1 abs -> NA2 abs conversion - QUESTION

21 October 2015
Hey Prime members,
Got some questions to ask for those who are familiar or have done the ABS conversion before. I have read many forums about this dreaded NA1 abs modulator and unfortunately, I'm going through this. ABS makes loud noises and ALB light comes on. I'm tired of it and turning off ABS isn't going to kick it for me. My OCD. So I recently bought a NA2 ABS to start the conversion. I'm now scrapping parts to get the whole kit together for my 92 nsx. I'm comparing through the forums and the Acura parts sites. From ffffanman (http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php/83018-ABS-conversion/page3), this is what I'll need:
Rubber,ABS Mounting-------3 --------57101-S2A-003
Bolt,ABS Mounting ---------2---------57102-S2A-003
Modulator Assy-------------1---------57110-SL0-Z03
Bracket Modulator----------1---------57116-SL0-000
Nut Washer(6mm)----------2---------94071-06080
Bolt Flange(6x16)----------3---------95701-06016-05
Valve Assy Proportioning----1--------46210-SL0-003
Bracket Proportioning Valve--1-------46215-SL0-000
Pipes Brake-----------------1--------46372-SL0-D00
Pipes Brake-----------------1--------46373-SL0-D00
Pipes Brake-----------------1--------46374-SL0-D00
Pipes Brake-----------------1--------46375-SL0-D00
Pipes Brake-----------------1--------46376-SL0-D01
Pipes Brake-----------------1--------46377-SL0-D01
Pipe Y Brake----------------1--------46378-SL0-D00
Pipe Z Brake----------------1--------46379-SL0-D01

Can someone confirm this is right? Question... From the picture attached. Do I need number #4 (57115-SL0-003 BRACKET, MODULATOR) and #6 (57119-SL0-L00 GUARD, MODULATOR)? It isn't on the list above. I'm guessing not so much for number #6 (assuming its just a guard) but what about #4 ? Is the current bracket on my 92 the same? Looked it up and the 92 bracket on Acura has a different part number (57115-SL0-J02). Anything else is needed? ALSO! Can someone tell me where I can get the ABS conversion HARNESS?! SOS has it for $569 (ouch!). Any other option? Thanks a bunch PRIMES...

you know,
you can buy this entire upgrade as a kit from SOS or A.S. Motor Sport, with instructions, and detailed install process. It is worth every penny. They source and provide all the parts, provide the cable harness, and have done all the research and testing to ensure what you buy works the first time.

Parts 4 and 6 you already have on your car. They get reused.
A.S. Motor Sport also provided the cable harness.
Thanks for the answer on part 4 and 6.

Yeah, I know there are vendors who sells the whole kit. But I bought the NA2 abs modulator from a local person that gave me a great price. I couldn't refuse.
[MENTION=20830]A.S. Motorsport[/MENTION] can break up the kit and sell what you need i'd assume. The wire harness is the trickier one. I like the one from KS Engineering (Japan) which is what Adnan ships out I believe.

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BTW.. I LOVE this mod. Absolutely a must IMO.
Glad to hear that its a great mod! Can't wait.

Yeah, the hard part is getting the conversion harness. I sent gt-rom, A.S. Motorsport, and SOS an email about the harness. Waiting for their response. All OEM parts are currently waiting to be ordered.
I did mine some time ago and it's a great mod and I don't want to dissuade you but it was probably one of the most challenging mods I've done in terms of the number of steps; the challenge to re-route the wiring into the glove box; etc. I'm no mechanic but I've wrenched on a number of cars; have a good assortment of tools; and am not put off on electrical things .. but it took a while and I once remember asking myself if I was in over my head. You'll definitely want a good collection of articulated open ended wrenches to connect all the lines to the dist'n block .. it's a bit of a rat's nest. Probably not too bad if you start from the rear and work forward but I had leaks so had to correct them with all lines in place.
Good luck!
Did the swap back in 2010 -- SOS parts, Don Lam did the install. Perhaps the best mod done to my car after the JDM gears and 4.55 R&P. Highly recommended!
As Arnold would say..."Do it,convert me now"
Thanks all! And thanks for the wiki link. I'm no mechanic but love the challenge and knowing that you did the stuff yourself gives an extra reward. Car is going up on jackstand soon and will be going through some required maintenance. I'll take my time. Got to do everything right. I'm sure I'll be running through issues (you should always expect to) and hope you all can shine some light when I do. Thanks again in advance :tongue:

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I have read nsx_2k review and went through 17 PAGES of RYU build lol (GREAT stuff!) If anyone else have any other input or steps I should be aware of or got any other DIY link/manual that may help. Much appreciated!
So I purchased the Harness from SOS but they gave me only the instructions on the harness install. Anyone got the full writeup on the whole conversion? If not, I can always go through the manual. Figured I asked.
So I purchased the Harness from SOS but they gave me only the instructions on the harness install. Anyone got the full writeup on the whole conversion? If not, I can always go through the manual. Figured I asked.

Read page 8 on my thread.
Search the wiki. I have a complete write up with instructions.

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I know its been a few months but I've been working on the NSX here and there. Had the brake pad, rotors, lines and brake master cylinder changed so I figured I should do the ALB/ABS too. Took me two days for the ALB/ABS upgrade. I was patient and took my time. I had issues with fitting the harness through that tight grommet area (PITA). TIP for anyone going to do this upgrade: study the brake lines! Read/study the DIY instructions! Compare pics online and follow manual/instructions/etc. Chris NSX and warrenw DIY helped ALOT so definitely check their thread. Be careful not to damage the harness while fitting through the tight grommet area.

I'll be starting the bleeding process soon. I was told to start the front first, not rear? If so, I'm starting the Front Driver, Rear Passenger, Front Passenger, and rear Driver. Anyone confirm? Also, Anyone know where this extra plug goes to (circle piece on pic below)? Was not mentioned anywhere so I'm guessing its useless now.

With the upgraded ABS, you start from the front side with the corner closest to the master cyl and from thereafter, in clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the LHD/RHD models.
For LHD model, it’s clockwise so FL -> FR -> RR -> RL.
For RHD model, it’s anticlockwise so FR -> FL -> RL -> RR.

You can still use the old textbook method of starting from the furthest corner and crisscross thereafter but with the latest ABS, it will take more time and use extra fluid so just follow the above sequence.

The 2pin connector in your photo looked to be the old ABS pressure switch that is no longer in use.

Never used SoS loom but with the latest ABS, the internal pump operates when the ABS is activated so not like the classic ABS of high pressure standby system and thus, this connector is not required. Probably not connected to your SoS loom that you plugged in the original ABS controller 20pin and 18pin connectors any way.

You can find other ABS upgrade information here;

What is difference between NSX-R and NSX? I was under the impression the ABS was the same between the two.

We have these kits in four variants, (RHD & LHD)

Fully plug and play:
- NSX-R for track cars and modified cars being driven hard
- NSX normal for street cars and upgrading stock system

DIY kits:
- A full install kit minus the module
- Wiring kit only