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NA1 Type R Engine Cross Brace - Wrinkle Red Finish (Coupes)

13 December 2011
1991-1994 NA1 NSX Coupe Type R (Wrinkle Red) Rear Cross Brace:

We had a few of our polished strut braces fully refinished in a Type R Red Wrinkle finish for a unique look. These are lightweight aluminum cross braces, for use only on the Coupe NSX's (no targa). WILL WORK WITH MOST NA & CTSC OPTIONS.
We tried several variants of red wrinkle powdercoat before finding a good match to the original Type R red color & texture.

I only have 2 of these at this time, however, if there is interest in this item we can possibly have more produced. Again, we are trying to bring you the highest quality item at a very affordable price!

Cost is $135 Shipped in the Lower 48! $145 Shipped to Canada.

If you have other small bits that you'd like color matched to this brace with the wrinkle red finish, drop me a PM. :rolleyes:

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