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NA2 NSX-R Tires are different than 2008 S2000 CR Tires

Oh now I understand.......so how many miles do you have on your car now Ben? (& Let us know if you can tell the diff when you get the full set on).

So, a little over 1 year and about ~2000 miles later, there is definitely a difference. The NSX-R RE070 H0s stick like crazy, even with the stock T chassis and suspension. Where the original stock RE040s would start to slide or get squirrely, the RE070 H0s just stick. Definitely much more confidence inspiring. I'm told they only last about 5K miles, so mine are probably close to 1/2 gone. They still have plenty of meat on them, but you can tell they are no longer new. Were they worth the hassle and price, I would say performancewise, yes, but once longevity is thrown into the equation, I'm on the fence.