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Name brand products on EBay

3 June 2005
Barrington, IL
My wife wants a Coach wallet and I looked on EBay, the say 100% authentic, no flaws, and blah blah. The only thing is that they sell it for $50+ less then retail. How does this system work? They are selling tons of purses and accessories that are the real deal. Are these the company rejects that have minor or almost unnoticable flaws that Coach will not accept? I just want to make sure I don't waste any money. One seller in particular is a power seller with 100% approval, This tends to be rare, I usually see at best 97-98%. If it does have a super minor flaw can I pull it off with the wife? Its not like I'm buyin a CZ instead of a diamond, and it is still a real Coach wallet.
I ended up buying her wallet off of ebay for about $50 less then the Coach store. I was nervous, but very happy when it arrived. If anyone wants to hook their wife up let me know and I will look up the vendor I purchased from. I think my spoiled wife will be very happy. Now that I think about it, maybe the reason I don't have an NSX yet is because all of my wifes jewlery is from Tiffany's. her purse is Kate Spade, her wallet is Coach, and her clothes are all name brand. Oh well.
Acura NsX Pilot said:
Coach employees get 50% off....go make friends with someone who works there. :biggrin:

So true. I used to live in an apartment above a Coach store. Needless to say my girlfriend loved it!