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Need a good alignment shop in Chicago

30 March 2005
I have a 91 NSX that I use as my track car and unfortunately it suffered somebody damage a little while ago. The body shop said the best they could do was set it up with OEM alignment specs. I remember having it set up pretty agressively (done by John Vassos) last year, but don't remember the exact specs. Sooooo, can anyone point me to a good shop in Chicago to have it done, and what specs should I ask for. TIA


P.S. The car has comptech pro suspension, 17"SSR's, and I run pilot sport cups.
That link points to this topic (the one you're looking at right now). Maybe you intended to post a link to this other topic instead?

As for the specs, Acura's recommended alignment is fairly aggressive, and if you want to get even more aggressive, go back to their original alignment specs (with 6 mm rear toe, rather than the 4 mm of the revised spec). That's what I'm using, with camber set to the negative end of the specified range.