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Need advice on this $40,990 1999 NSX, VIN: JH4NA2166XT000089

14 September 2012
Bay Area, CA
Hello Prime Members,

This is my first post and I would like to have your advice on this 1999 NSX for $40,990. I live in Bay Area and the dealership is 350 miles away.


1. Is $40,990 reasonable?
2. Any concerns about the mods?
2. How to find a PPI in LA area to inspect the car for me?

If anyone has seen this car before or has any info please PM me.

I've been wanting to own a NSX for years. ANY help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Price seems really low for the year, color, mileage. It's got a few mods but they're good ones. Any Honda dealership should be able to service the car although you may want to ask around to find who the best mechanic in the area is. Very good price but then what do I know because I'm in Canada and our NSX stuff is 2x what you guys pay.
Side skirts and front lip are off in color. I also don't remember the front center vertical slats being painted from the factory, and if not then the bumper (at a minimum) has been repainted. Also either the front bumper or hood is out of alignment on the top right side near the headlight.

Just make sure to take the car to a reputable shop for a PPI.
Looks fairly good. I would double check the front bumper (and behind it - trust me on this one!!!) to make sure there was no front end damage.

The Wings West Side skirt needs a little attention as it's starting to exhibit the "sagging" characteristic they are known for. This is a common problem and fairly easy to fix with a reinforcement bar.

Also they note 18/19" wheels in the ad, but the car actually has 17/18" Volk wheels on the car (as pictured). I would look into that.

Tires front to rear don't match, appear to be different brands/models.

The white gauges are also non-OEM, meaning the took apart the gauge cluster (be mindful of odometer rollback or a newer cluster switchover).

Overall though, the price seems like a pretty good deal if everything checks out in person..
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Any tips on how to go about getting a PPI when the seller is an used car dealer? Is it perfromed in their lot?

Thanks everyone for your input.

I really appreciate it!
Thanks much for your offer, but the car is located in LA area :frown:

As a dealer if i was taking a car in for trade (high line or rare example ) 1st thing i look for is paint work and high miles on NSX or exotics takes a beating on price. If i was in your shoes i would ask someone here on prime to recommend a independent shop who specialized in NSX and have them do your PPI. Would be nice if shop has a paint meter to detect paint work but most shop do not have it. Believe it not 8/10 shop perform PPI cannot tell if the car has paint work or not. If i was a normal joe i would take the car to a body shop and have them do a quick visual walk around (usually they will do it free ) and have PPI done at your prefer shop.

Good luck
Any tips on how to go about getting a PPI when the seller is an used car dealer? Is it perfromed in their lot?

Thanks everyone for your input.

I really appreciate it!

When I was selling my M5, the buyer used http://www.lemonsquad.com to do a PPI on my M5. The guy that came out spent over an hour inspecting my car and taking tons of pictures of the car. He also used a paint meter on all the different body panels on the car. If seller permit - he also did a test drive of the car to check for issues during driving. I think the service was $150 and it was definitely worth it. I plan on using them when I purchase my NSX.

Was on sale here on Prime for 6-7 months back in '05. I remember seeing pics of it somewhere else b/c I thought the 9 etched in the door placard didn't look uniform with the rest of the characters, but unsure of where.