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Need help, buying used 94 nsx in Dallas

19 March 2005
Need help,

where do you have the car fully checked out.

Any advice or help will be appreciated.


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Take it to Goodson Acura in Irving...I don't know who the service person is now, but be sure and request Curtis as the technician...Goodluck, Brent :biggrin:
dmathews said:
Thanks Brent.

Also like to join nsx club, like to meet nsx'rs and find out what all function are happening.


The Local NSX'ers are hard to get motivated to do anything outside of meeting up once a month. Hit www.dallasnsx.com for info about the monthly meets.

Good luck on your purchase. Like Brent said Goodson is pretty popular place to get things checked out.

AlienT is right, I don't think the DFW people are to active and what not. I think there are some people in Frisco and more on your side of things than out towards Ft. Worth though.

Me and NSXPassion are out on the weekends with our cars sometimes if you are ever down towards the FW/Arlington/Mansfield area.

dmathews said:
This is my first time buying a nsx. Sorry to bother anyone, but I could use your help. Like what to look for and where to have this car fully checked out.

Any advice or help will be appreciated.



Congrats on your purchase!
Agree with Goodson and ask for Curtis

If I have time, I would be happy to check out the car with you as well and show you things to look for (as I was once shown when I looked at NSXs)

Feel free to send me a PM
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Well hopefully you can get your NSX, and welcome to the club....hopefully we can get the monthly meets happening again. :smile:
i'am all for meets....I do one every Monday and Thursday, but with other cars....one of Tuesdays doesnt bother me, hehehe.
Re: Need help,

Also wanted to thank Skinnydoc for calling me and you were very helpful. Everyone was as well. Hope to meet you all soon.

I took the car to Goodson Acura and done a complete tune up and updated on parts that was worn out because of age. They took good care of me and my wallet too, LOL.

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congratulations! Let's see some pics.

I have 18/18 combo lowered on H&R Springs, so it is about a 1.5 drop. No rubbing problems. If it is only rubbing like on full turn and isn't really hurting anything, I wouldn't raise it back up. But then again I like the lowered look. If you raised it up and kept those wheels you would probably have the 4x4 look with the wheel gap.
Nice, now some pics....I have the 17"-18" combo and mine rubs a little on the front, with the Eibach set up. On some hard turns, I have rubbed enough to throw a hold down clip out. But it beats the 4x4 look, like Odenspike said... :biggrin: