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Need help identifying 5spd gearset. USDM or JDM?


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1 August 2008
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I recently acquired a stock gearset. The previous owner wasn't sure which gearset this was (JDM or USDM). I didn't ask too many questions because he threw these in as a bonus for buying other parts.

Can anyone help me identify these? Any one have the gear tooth counts for the USDM or JDM 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gears? Perhaps there are other identifying markings I should look for?

I have my usdm gears in a box in my garage. I'll count 3rd gear for you when I get home.
Dug out my USDM countershaft 3rd and it has:

32 teeth


If yours does not match, then you found yourself a full JDM gearset.:cool:
It's possible you don't understand the basic premise of a gear ratio, but I'll restate the obvious:

Count the teeth on the main shaft -
Count the same gears teeth on the counter shaft -
Divide the 2 numbers for a fractional number
The largest gear on the counter shaft, the shaft with the nut at the top, is 1st gear and it's matching gear is the smallest of those on the opposite shaft; i.e. the main shaft.

Between any 2 or 3 gears you should see pretty quickly what you've got in your hands once you source a gear ratio chart; i.e. usdm/jdm.