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Powertrain Used 5-Speed Transmission & Clutch Parts Grab Bag (JDM Gears, Shims, etc.)

8 February 2019
Atlanta, GA
Presenting several of my leftover parts from my recent 5-speed transmission rebuild and manual swap. Used unless otherwise noted. Most of these will be thrown out or used as wall ornaments if they don't sell.

Willing to ship from ATL, buyer pays for their desired shipping method, don't worry about PayPal seller fees. Open to offers, or can give a discount for package deals. Less work for me ;).

Email inquiries to [email protected] or PM/respond to the thread.

Used clutch fork, 22820-PR8-000. Some wear on the release bearing contact ends (est. 76,355 miles worth) but usable. This fine piece of modern art is offered at $80.

SOLD: New OEM M/T flywheel bolts, qty(8), 90011-PR7-000. $30
SOLD: New OEM pilot bearing, 91006-PR7-008. Might I suggest pairing with the flywheel bolts for another $8?

Science of Speed clutch damper delete block and braided slave cylinder hose. NOTE: SLAVE CYLINDER ADAPTER NOT INCLUDED. I've heard SoS does not sell the adapter separately but have not asked myself, maybe someone has a use for this incomplete kit. $80.
Can include a NOS damper bracket (46995-SL0-003) for an extra $20.

Discontinued stock NSX differential ring gear (4.062:1 ratio, 41233-PR8-000), est. 76,355 miles of use. No visible damage to teeth, more pics or measurements can be made upon request. Compatible with 91-94 differentials. Available new in JP for ~$613, this one is $450.

Stock NSX countershaft to match the 4.062:1 ratio differential, 23220-PR8-000. NOTE: HAS A BROKEN PINION GEAR TOOTH, SHOWN IN PIC. Not sure if someone would find this useful or if it can be repaired, otherwise I'll use it as a centerpiece. Discontinued in US, available in JP for ~$378, this one's $100.

Used stock oil pump drive gear to match the above ring gear, same mileage. 21173-PR8-000. $80

SOLD: Differential clutch pack shim, measures 2.17mm thick (Shim F (112MM) (2.2MM) 41266-PR8-000). $10

SOLD: Mainshaft thrust clearance shims, measured thickness shown. (Shim B (82MM) (0.55MM) 23932-PR8-000), (Shim E (82MM) (0.7MM) 23935-PR8-000), (Shim K (82MM) (1.0MM) 23941-PR8-000).
All discontinued in these United States so I had to get them from JP. $10 each, I'd suggest getting all of them so you're not stuck with the wrong size like I was.

SOLD: Differential bearing preload shims, measured thicknesses shown. (Shim N (75MM) (2.09MM) 41494-PR8-000) and (Shim W (75MM) (2.36MM) 41503-PR9-000).
I believe discontinued in the US, $10 each.

Hub & sleeve sets for 1-2, 3-4, and 5th gears. I replaced all of them since these look pretty worn, some of the engagement teeth are rounded or chipped but maybe someone would have a use for these, otherwise they'll be wall art for me. $150 for the set.

JDM short mainshaft 3rd gear, TMU. Some wear on the dog teeth but no visible wear on main gear, I just bought new. Can do measurements on request. $80

JDM countershaft 2nd gear, TMU. Same story, some wear on dog teeth but nothing visible on main gear, can do more measurements on request. Backordered in JP, offered at $100.

SOLD: Countershaft 5th gear, compatible with US or JP gearset. 23461-PR8-000. Has a small chip on the edge of one tooth shown in pic, not sure if reusable. $30
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Hi, Interested in this..
New OEM M/T flywheel bolts, qty(8), 90011-PR7-000. $30
Plus this..
New OEM pilot bearing, 91006-PR7-008. Might I suggest pairing with the flywheel bolts for another $8?