Need help identifying part ... (that fell off...)

Sep 17, 2000
San Diego, CA
To give a little history, over the past week or so I have been noticing increased 'wind noise' when driving at higher speeds. It was hard to pinpoint the source, but it seemed reasonable it was coming from the driver's side window.

This was not the case.

Today, while exiting the freeway the 'wind noise' seemed very loud, then a bit of a pop and a lot of grinding near the front left tire.

I pulled over to check it out.

Seems there are fans in front of each front tire, and behind these fans (and in front of the tire) exists a rubber/plastic grille of sorts. This had somehow come loose over the past few weeks (my assumption) and finally the drag from the air travel pushed it away from the fan far enough to catch the front tire. At which point, it was damaged pretty badly, in fact I had to remove the leftovers of this piece to continue driving.

Well, the 'wind noise' is gone, but so is this grille/cover. The right side shows no signs of being lose, or other problems.

Seems like an easy D-I-Y, but what is this? And how urgent will it be to get this back in place. Is it only to serve as a cover to protect these fan blades?

Thanks for any help ...

Sep 5, 2000
Las Vegas, NV, USA
The part is called "Cover, left front fender." It improves airflow. You're OK until it gets hot.

I have a part number for the right side... 74102-SL0-020 for what it is worth.

I happen to need a left side replacment as well. My dealer wants 62.00. If you find a better price, please let me know.
Jun 5, 2000
Cypress, Texas USA
Hey Jonathan. Call Tracy Townsend at Gunn Acura in San Antonio, (800) 328-4866. AOP and Tonkin are going to want list. I tried to get them to do something for the local NSX owners.... fat chance. I told AOP parts manager the prices that Terry offers. He just looked at me and said well we sell at list. I just dropped $400 for a tune up and supplied my own oil with AOP. Morgan does good work but man.....

Hal Jones
Lake Oswego, Oregon
95T Blk\Blk SportShift