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Need help will not rev past 5800 rpm

28 February 2000
> I have a 91 with 64k miles, Basch supercharger with second generation Split Second box that will not rev past 5800 rpm. The BBSC was installed around 2002 and knowing that there were problems with engine failures I was very conservative about how I drove it with limited runs to 8k. After I retired in 08 I used the car less and less until it ended up just sitting in the garage. Last fall I decided to do what would be needed to get it back on the road. I removed the BBSC and took it to a local shop for timing belt replacement. When I went to pick it up they commented that it did poorly at top end. We attributed this to the BBSC being removed. I proceed to replace all hoses, clean and test injectors, reinstall BBSC, and replace fuel pump. I contacted a local Honda tuner to install a Haltech ECU. I finished all the other little things I wanted to do and today I went for a test drive after the car had reached operating temp. Everything was fine until I opened the throttle for a 8k run. It hit 5800 rpm and quit. I tried several more times with same results. It feels like a rev limiter is limiting the rpms. The following is what I was able to observe. Oil pressure is good. Fuel pressure is 60 psi. Operating temp is normal. I have owned this car for 20 years and never had a engine problem. Any help would be appreciated as I do not know where to go next. Do I take to to the tuner and hope the new ECU will fix it or pinpoint the problem, or do I have it fixed first?
Update, I may have fixed it. It finally threw engine codes. TPS and crank sensor #9 . I was able to adjust the throttle position sensor within .01 volts on low side to .05 volts on top. The crank sensor connection is under the drive for the charger so it came off. I ohmed the coils and all were perfect. So I took it for a test drive without the charger and bingo it ran perfect. I do not know were the crank sensor code came from. I am going to reinstall charger and let the new ECU take over.