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Need info on salvaged red 98 from Arizona

15 January 2001
San Diego, CA
Found a 1998 Red with 25,000 miles with a salvaged title that was auctioned off in Arizona. It actualy looks great and runs strong. I am curious as to the actual damage to the car before repairs were made. Are any of you aware of the history of this car. The damage was at the drivers door, front fender and windshield. Thanks

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I live in AZ (Phoenix). Which dealership has the car?....I would be willing to help by taking it up to RM Racing and having Randy look it over....Randy has a direct line to the NSX God...so what he says goes...
Thanks for the help, but the car is in San Diego now. All I know is that it was purchased at auction 3 to 6 months ago in Arizona. The guy that bought it did all of the repairs himself, this is his occupation.

If he bought it to fix it the right way and resell it, he should have documented the process with photos. He should also have the receipts for the parts he replaced. Even amatures do this for backyard restorations. If he doesn't have them, I would walk.
I agree with Lud. I have a few friends who are into restoring hot rods and classic cars and they document just about everything. With receipts to back it up.