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Need NSX Loan Refinancing Advice


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25 September 2000
Tyson's Corner, VA
When I bought my 91, the lowest interest rate I could receive was 14.4%. The age of the car apparently made getting the loan more challenging and risky. Ouch, I know! I figured I would just bite the bullet for a while and then try to refinance it. The loan principal was 33000 on a 5 year note. Right now my payment is $806, which seems high but then again look at the apr. I have only had the loan for 7 months, all payments have been on time. So I started looking at places like E-Loan, but they all seem to restrict refinancing to cars newer than 1996. Not sure if this matters, but I am making about 35,000 more per/year than I was at the time I applied for the loan. Currently 55,000 miles on the car. I don't own a house.
So does anyone know a place or person to point me towards? I would greatly appreciate any advice or past experiences. Thank you.

Try taking a look at jjbest.com, they specialize in loans for classic vehicles. A while back I got an approval for a 30K 91 NSX loan with an APR of 10.99%. Not great, but much better than 14+!

Try joining a credit union.

I had a $30,000 principal loan over 3 years at a bi-weekly payment of $449.80 from the Boeing Aircraft Credit Union. That's cheap!!

The biggest factor will be your credit rating. If you have an outstanding credit score you can almost get anything you want!! My bank doesn't give loans exceeding 6 months for a '92 car. I managed to get a 36 month loan at the same low rate.
Go to PeopleFirst.com. They finance any car, any year for any amount (credit permitting of course). Right now they are offering 9.99% for 60 to 72 months on a refinance. A little lower I think if you go for less months.
Note that PeopleFirst.com finances the upper cusp of borrowers. You should expect to have a 650+ beacon score to finance there.

-- Chris

Chris Willson
Is there some kind of basic equation to use to get an approximation of your credit score? I have know idea what mine is or how to compute it. Thanks.
There is no calculation that you can do yourself. A 'beacon' score is used by Equifax to score the report.... Other scores are used by each of the other two reporting bureaus. The score is based on time in bureau, high credit, balances on accounts in relation to limits, late payments, judgements, inquiries, charge offs, liens, months reported on an account, amount of open accts, etc.... you can not calculate it, but this score is NOT the sole basis for qualifying for a loan.... If you feel it's good, apply.
Credit union is the way to go I say. Also, the more you put down, the better the rate will be. I was looking at 93-94 and got approved for 8.25% for 3 years.