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Need option to fix/replace koni adjustable coilovers with cracked lower mount

20 October 2008
Hello, as stated by the title, i have the koni adjustable coilovers. Recently i discovered that my front right setup has a cracked lower mount.

I was wondering if its possible to replace all 4 of the dampers from the adjustable coilovers with the koni dampers sold by SOS.

If the above is not an option, what are some other alternative for a "price conscious" owner.

One more issue to consider, i was told that all 4 coilovers are "leaking" at the top mounting areas and such.



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You have a few options:

Option #1 - Replace the cracked shock with new and have the other 3 rebuilt at Koni's service center.

Option #2 - Buy 4 new Konis and have the bodies threaded to accept your coilover perches.

Option #3 - Buy a new set of coilovers. Stay away from D2, Megan, Apexi. BC Racing are nice (I have them) and I have heard good things about Fortune Auto. Tein MonoFlex are ok too. They are very reasonably priced for coilovers (except for Tein), but are about $500 to $700 more than your Koni options.
unfortunately, the coilovers came with the car when it was purchase and they no longer qualify under koni's warranty

@ Honcho
for your option #2, could you please elaborate on the threading part. im not to familiar with the build of the current coilovers, i thought the perches can just "slip" right off the old one and be placed onto the new dampers.