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Need Photo showing stock changer bracket location

18 February 2008
Lewisville TX
I want to put in a cd changer using the factroy mounting brackets, I have located two prewired cables one is a DIN plug the other ?? they are located directly behind the drivers seat.
there are some hot dog shaped cut outs in the carpet on the passenger side rear quarter panel, this seems like the most logical plase to mount the changer, people have said the brackets mount with 4 bolts, I cannot find anywhere that seems to accept 4 bolts.

Photos would be much appreciated, also what are the opinions about buying a OEM from someone who has upgraded or buying a new unit, all I require is to play cd's, the most critical issue is that I want the changer to function as the OEM unit from the controls on the radio.:confused:
Pull the carpet away from the passenger side truck interior. There are four mounting bosses on the inner trunk liner. I purchased mine after I bought the car and I installed the bracket.

Sorry but I have no pics.

Re: Thanks for the information, now new unit or oem???

Thanks for the information, Now I need to figure out if I get a used faftory unit or a new one ??? any opinions???
Just get a USA Spec I-POD Adapter PA11-HON from Amazon...weight reduction:wink:

(Ignore the reference to a Volvo, Hon refers to Honda and it works with the factory deck to select a playlist)


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