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Need some price advice on a 2003 NSX Salvage Title

29 September 2004
Hello NSX primers, what would be a decent price to pay for a 2003 NSX that has approx. 38k miles and has a Salvage Title....The car was hit in the rear bumper with no frame damage and in the Right front fender and headlight.......thanks for the advice

Parts damaged in the car:

1 Right Headlight and Fender

2 All tailights

3 Rear Bumper Complete

4 Need to replace parts and paint the front of the car and the rear bumper.

Shawn is the guy who will know the answer to this. He has purchased several wrecked NSX cars and fixed them.

Assuming the car panels don't need replaced and can be fixed, I'd guess (and this is just a guess), $32k.

Sounds like you should be able to get everything fixed and new paint for $10k-$12k. So, you would have a nice car for $42k....about $15k under the price of a non-salvaged car.
There was a silver 2003 salvaged that just sold for around $38k within the last few months. The vehicle was fully restored (visually at least) and was quite a site to see.