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Group Buy Group buy for Titanium Lug Nuts - OE type

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
*** These lug nuts will only work with stock OE Honda/Acura rims or other rims which use the 14mm hemispherical (round) seating, NOT the cone seating used by most aftermarket rim manufacturers.

The previous owner swapped the OE black lug nuts for chrome on my 1995 factory rims. I’m replacing them with black lug nuts, and angling towards Titanium.

Danny at Titanium Porsche Products makes Ti lug nuts, lug bolts, lugs, etc. for Porsche and has considerable experience with them. A number of Porsche models use the 14 mm hemispherical seating a la factory Honda rims, but most are M14x1.5 threads.)
He has done runs of M12x1.5 threading in the past for a few rare Porsche’s that use M12x1.5, and for some Civic owners to mount OE NSX rims. He usually makes the closed ended lug nuts 32 mm long, but our standard lug nuts run only 25 mm long, with the hole about 23 mm deep, and he can match this. (I may send a sample.) They are machined from Ti 6Al-4V (more commonly referred to as Grade 5 Titanium Alloy) forged rods that are cut down and machined. The threads are cut. The black is a PVD finish, very durable, and also acts as a lubricant to reduce galling occurrence. Standard 19 mm socket. Weight should be 40-50% lighter than stock, with comparable strength, but the OE lugs are only 32 g. 20 would be 640 g, ~1.4 lbs, so this will only save ~ 0.7 lbs.

Color options are natural titanium or PVD finish (black). Group pricing would be ~$280/set of 20, including USA shipping, a bit less if we can get more participation. That’s not a lot more than Acura charges for regular lug nuts, ~$10 each.

Note that there are some issues to keep in mind with Titanium lugs. The lug threads need to be cleaned thoroughly, and always tighten nuts by hand and then torque manually. It’s not advisable use an impact driver for on or off, in order to avoid galling.

I know lots of people add carbon accessories to their NSX, but I’m a fan of Ti; it seems like it fits with the NSX ethos with the trend-setting connecting rods.

PM me if you’re interested or if I can provide more details in this description.

Thanks, Tim