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New Book "Acura NSX-Honda's Supercar"

27 June 2003
The book is full of pretty pictures reproduced from Honda's own pamphlets, but one day on this site will provide you with 10x the information in that book. Unfortunately, it is perhaps the best book out there on the NSX.
If you're looking for an interesting read, read the book review on the link you provided. The response is an intelligent one.
This book has been out for close to two years now. It's a pretty good book, especially if you haven't got any of the other NSX books out there.
However, I had hoped it would give more details and insight into the NSX development and performance envelope but in that respect it disappointed me. The main part of this book is a copy of all kinds of NSX brochures which have been copied page by page.

Still is a nice addition to my library, but I still prefer the black/silver hardcover brochure and the smaller black NSX-book,
If you do a search, you will find there are more threads about this book here in Prime.