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Steering rack bushing install

16 August 2022
So, maybe I was snookered by the low price of the bushings, too, as others apparently were; I read a thread on here where the pay-off of replacing the OE bushings with the SOS bushings is imperceptible to many. I figured what the heck, I'm in pretty deep. But, if I've got to get the car realigned afterwards, there's a significant hidden cost. I hate the feeling that I'm missing something: why cannot you just replace one bushing/pair at a time, only undoing one thing at a time, and avoid both an alignment and wholesale removal of the rack?
Alright, I've done this now and can answer my own question: the two bolts on the left (driver) side of the rack have metal bushings/sleeves that are inserted from the back side of the rack. You must remove it to remove them. There is no need to undo the tie rods, though, so alignment won't change but on-center steering may be thrown off.