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New changes coming to LoveFab Customer Service

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3 November 2012
Hey everyone I wanted to create this thread to introduce myself and let you know a few changes that will be coming from Love Fab, Inc. My name is Matt Wiley first and formost and I am not a stranger to the NSX platform, but my background is in Ferrari and oddly enough Subaru. I am hopping on with Cody and Tabitha to handle all their customer service. I am 100% aware of the lack of communication between Cody and his customers. Recently with the Pikes Peak Hill Climb and moving the shop, doing work had to be put on hold. I help move and set up the shop working ridiculous hours so we could get the fab room up and running and all the lifts set up for the work to begin. As Cody is the only currently that builds engines, he is busy around the clock and in the past was a little slow to return calls, texts and emails.

Here is where I will come in. Any complaints, issues you have, please contact me and I will do my best to help you out and get you some answers via email or pm. We want to improve the relationship between Love Fab and the customers since you are what keep us going and if you are not happy, then we need to work better at that. Keep in mind, things do go wrong with parts not coming in on time and tuning. I understand this, I have my own go fast machine and if someone had my car I would want updates, etc. That I am more than happy to do for you. Below are some photos of the shop from about 3 weeks ago, the shop is fully operational and cars are being wrapped up at a records pace.

We have no events for 4 months and LoveFab will be working diligently without interrupt in work the whole time and is seriously kicking some major ass in everything we do and all of our products are shipping daily. The move from shop to shop was strenuous, but LoveFab did all the wiring, building and everything in house to get this shop ready so we can operate at 200%. As a side note, if your car was in the shop, I freshly detailed it for you, my way of giving back. I know there are a lot of posts speaking negatively on Cody and LoveFab and we want to turn that around and hope you will give us another shot to help build you guys some great turbo set ups and parts. We have a lot of customers who love their new setups and we hope to continue making these cars silly fast.

If there is anything I can do within reason, please do not hesitate to contact me via PM directly. If you do, please give me a little background info as well on what you want and your car as well.

All the best,

Matt Wiley
LoveFab, Inc

**Photos is about 2.5 weeks old so some of the cars are not still there and this was taken with a canon point and shoot**





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