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New Mini for the Family WMWRE33423TD69616

12 November 2005
Hello, I'm looking for a car fax and other related info on a 2003 Mini cooper S, The girl friend and I are looking for another track car and kid/grocery taxi. Will it be faster? I guess I could detune it if need be.

FYI - Don't post a VIN and ask someone to run a Carfax report for you. Carfax considers sharing reports a violation of their terms of service and will typically cancel the Carfax account of whoever runs the report to share with you. They actively monitor NSX Prime and other popular car forums looking for such violations.
Wrong forum too unless BMW is making the next NSX.
They might as well make it becuae Honda as sure as heck isn't going to make a new NSX.

Imagine if bmw brought back a new M1:cool: