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New NSX in Richmond, VA

I'm the "guy from MI"

Hi David,

Congrats on your new NSX. It's kind of funny, but I am the "guy from MI". I was considering flying down to purchase the vehicle, but not on Wednesday like they claimed, actually next Friday, Sept 12th.

Funny how they lied to pressure you into the purchase...

I was working with Rick in sales, then I got transfered to the Pre-Owned manager, and after my discussion with him, I decided not to pursue the vehicle any more. You can send me a private message or email and I will explain why. Rick called me on Wed night and left a message saying the vehicle was purchased.

Anyhow, I'm now in the process of purchasing a 91 NSX, and have already gone through the independent inspection. So it looks like I'll be joining the ranks soon!

Congrats once again.