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New NSX member from the Bay Area

14 March 2005
Bay Area, CA
Hey Everyone,

I never thought I would be posting on this forum. Well, I can't believe I just bought this amazing car. Amazing is all I can say. Reviews just don't do it justice. Did I say this car was amazing? I just bought a 1991 black on black NSX with 75K miles on it from a guy in Southern California a week ago. I got more than a really good price on it, even though there are some minor things I need to fix like, the shocks on the hatch and trunk, a seal near the CV boot, brake pads, and that's about it. I'm originally from the Bay area, but unfortunately I'm stationed in Mt. Home AFB, IDAHO. The good thing is that I'll be leaving the Air Force soon and move back to California in 6 months. I can't wait. I also can't wait to meet some of you guys. This group of car enthusiasts is more mature than some of the other cars I have had. I'll try posting up some pics soon. Great Forum by the way.
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Hey I have an avatar. :smile: You can bearly see my NSX :frown:
here are some pics


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and another in vegas next to my favorite ferrari of all time. By the way the drive from Socal through Vegas, then through Utah and unfortunately to Idaho SUCKED!


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Well welcome to NSX Prime and congratulations on your purchase. Before you know it you will be in California and you will be enjoying your car daily.
6 more months and hopefully I'll be back in Cali. By the way that drive wasn't that bad, but after the first 10 hours I started to feel it. It just kept going and going, and going. I think I drove like 15 hours, probably cause I stopped like 4 or 5 times to rest.
and one more pic


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thanks for the compliments guys, even if it is a 91 it feels like its brand new to me. :smile: