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New Owner - my first 1995 NSX-T in Brooklands Green

2 December 2019
Fargo, ND
Hi new friends! I just finalized the auction of my new to me Brooklands Green NSX-T with 60,000 original miles. The car has a pretty awesome set of documents of it's history and care over the years as it's been in Washington state its whole life. It's about to be shipped to the great state of North Dakota (Fargo). We think it's the 3rd NSX in the state.

I'm excited. I'm a little surprised I won the auction (some of you may have been watching on BAT - here's the link).

While the car has a mark on it's history with some sort of damage 30k miles ago, I'm excited about the price, quality of the car, and the quality of the current (and previous) owner. They have made good on commitments and promises. I have yet to see the car in person (and haven't told the wife...) but it should arrive to me later in December.

Excited for this dream to come true. She'll be parked alongside my 2007 Honda S2000 in Grand Prix White and my 98 Integra track car (photos attached). Up for any and all advice and feedback as I join this exclusive club of owners of one of the greatest supercars of all time.

Instagram: @myriadmotorsports

nice..welcome always enjoy the Honda love for their best products
Hi new friends!

......Up for any and all advice and feedback as I join this exclusive club of owners of one of the greatest supercars of all time.

Firstly, congratulations on our new prize. Wishing for its safe journey to its new home. Good luck with your conversation with your wife. haha.

Nice to see it had some seals changed in 2018. I did not cross check all the part numbers in the report, but double check on the spark plug cover gasket, especially the one facing the rear of the car. When washing or during heavy rain, water will slide down the rear window and enter the vent. Water will drop onto the spark plug coils and may cause misfire. You may see rust on the bottom side of the coils if this has been happening for awhile.

Check the radiator hoses. I did not see it in the report in my quick scan.
There are some folks who reported bad grounding and causing the radiator fluid to become acidic. Therefore, causing corrosion.

Check the coolant expansion tank for leaks. The system is pressurized. Overtime, the plastic on the tank might become brittle.

Check the door handles. If they are rubbing, the plastic piece behind the door panel is probably broken. Good thing you can buy an aluminum replacement.

Do a search on "main relay". There are lots of talks about having them replaced or saving a spare in the truck.

Both of these sights are good resources for maintenance and aftermarket parts.
nsxshop.com now known as www.mitamotorsports.com
Welcome to the club Jake, I know the anticipation must be excruciating! You're not related to Jake from State Farm are you? :biggrin: Nice stable BTW!
I looked for your BAT auction and it looks like you picked up a really nice car at a good price - Congrats.
I have tan interior and have become partial to it. My seats were in trouble, but there are nice recovering options if it becomes necessary.
@ 60K miles you can drive it and mileage shouldn't affect resale too much (maybe prices will climb).
Enjoy and drive it, as I'm sure you will.
Welcome to NSX Prime and we'll be here for you if anything comes up - swell group of owners.