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New Owner: Potential Problems or Normal?

What Craig said -- not normal.

I hear two distinct unusual sounds, one lower pitched at approximately the frequency of one cylinder firing (exhaust leak, loose valve, or lost motion device?) and another at a much higher frequency -- perhaps faster than crankshaft speed (alternator, air compressor?)

You might want to get yourself a paper towel roller tube and try to identify the location or each sound. I would be little nervous about these strange sounds. On the other hand, they may be nothing at all. See if you can locate each one.
You might want to get yourself a paper towel roller tube and try to identify the location or each sound.
I would take it to someone trained on and experienced with NSXs. If my NSX was making those noises and I didn't know why, I wouldn't even take the risk of driving it to the shop...it would be transported in a car trailer or on a flat-bed tow truck. It's probably minor, in terms of the potential damage, but I wouldn't gamble with an engine that nice/expensive.

BTW, I noticed you have a cone filter intake...if anything it's hurting performance...I'd put the stock box back on or have such done by wherever you take it. You can probably pick one up used browsing the parts-for-sale section (I found this one for $50, not bad considering retail is $300 retail)...it looks like you have the stock inner-side piping (see black something to right of metal tube), if not that'll be extra. You can see all the related parts here.
I don't advocate using mismatched tires. However, it's worth noting that the worst effects of mismatched tires happen when tires with drastically different performance characteristics are mixed. You're more likely to encounter problems, say, if you mix a top summer tire like the Goodyear F1 GS-D3 with either an all-season tire or with a specialty tire like the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec, than if you mix the F1 GS-D3 with, say, a Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Pole Position, whose design objectives and performance are similar.

I would bet that most people who have a mismatched set of tires on their car don't have much tire knowledge and are doing so based on plain economics. Otherwise they would either buy 2 tires of the same brand or buy 4 new tires.

I agreed with both of you. I had mismatched sets before, and handling was fine. Both sets had similar performance rating: Potenza RE010 (front) and F1 GS-D3 (rear). No over or under steer. No float between lanes. Hugs clover leaf very well.
Thanks for the help everyone, I am taking the car to a mechanic tomorrow and having him check up on everything - long list and all.

I've been meaning to get the stock airbox from the last owner, but I haven't had time to meet up with him.

I am still on the very front side of the NSX learning curve. However I have experience that transfers. As to the noises in the engine I would do an oil analysis to see what kind of wear metals show up. If this turns out to be a bearing issue the copper and lead levels will spike. The lead covers the copper on the bearings. For oil analysis I use use Analysts Inc. in Oakland, CA. If for example you get high copper you can pull the filter and send it to Oil Analysis Lab in Spokane, WA and have the trapped particles in the media analyzed for wear type. This will help tell you what kind of wear it is and where it may be coming from. You will know if it spalling, galling, shearing, etc.

Let us know what you find.

3. Whenever the engine is revved up either in gear or out of gear, there would be a noticeable ticking noise. It is loud enough that I could hear it echo back into the car when driving in a narrow road with buildings around it. It sounds like its coming from the rear. The noise stops when I take it out of gear and the rpms drop to idle. The car has headers and exhaust. Could be an exhaust leak? But it sounds more of a mechanical clicking noise. I've been reading about some valve adjustments and something about lost motion units?

The way you are describing this sound is exactly the same issue I had with my '02. Same exact circumstance - (engine is revved up either in gear or out of gear, there would be a noticeable ticking noise).

It was def. an exhaust leak. It was caused by a heat shield that rubbed a small hole on the pipe.
I had it fixed back in '04 - NEVER heard the ticking noise again :)
Ok, here's an update. The sticking clutch pedal and all that weird clutch related stuff was due to the clutch going out apparently. The shifter now can be easily pulled out of gear and put into gear at anytime after I had the clutch replaced (there was also a rear main seal oil leak also so I had the mechanic do that too).

The gas pedal just needed some lube in the box in the front bay on the spring.

The mechanic told me there wasn't anything wrong with the noises with the engine. However, the ticking was noticable to him and I told him it could've been an exhaust leak, but he couldn't find the leak even after using a stethoscope.

I had the car taken to an alignment shop too. Seems that the alignment was actually off. Toe, camber, and caster were all out of spec. The car doesn't pull too much now, but the mechanic tells me the pulling is the cause of the front tires at this point (Hankook Ventus RS-2).

Other than that, thanks for all the help everyone! The only other thing that could be a problem would be the ticking and I'll find that eventually!
thanks for the follow up.:smile: