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new owner

11 July 2005
Landenberg, PA
Thought it was time to say hello.
Picked up red 95' in late may in Chicago and drove it home to the Philly area.
Flew to Chicago at 6:00 am got picked up by the dealer 8:00 am saw the car at 8:30(closest I've ever been to an NSX) test drove it less than a quarter mile. (obviously the first time I've driven one.) signed the papers and left by 9:00 am. drove strait,only to get a Whopper and gas(28 miles per gallon(for those who care)) and got home at 10:00p.m. Always wanted one, more than any other car. Its everything I thought it would be and more what a great car...except... the horn?!?! and the cup holder. I have been reading posts for a month and have not seen a thread about the horn. I feel gay when I honk it. Any one else? Ifind myself avoiding it like the plague.

Looking forward to many hours on this site and on the road.
Welcome to the family dude... I just got one earlier this week. I know the feeling.

Welcome to our NE region!If you have next tues-Wed off you should sign up for the trackmasters kids-day track event at watkins glen.Look in our NE section for the thread about it,congrats on your choice of the best used sports car for the $.
Well, there are quirks to having a car partly built with standard parts out of the Acura parts bin (no less, the Acura parts bin of 15 years ago!), but it helps make a little more affordable all the trick stuff where it really counts.

There's not many cars that feel like the NSX does on the street; it's the closest to the repsonsiveness and precision of a formula trainer I drove for a day a year ago. But your NSX you can drive all around town... or on the track.

The biggest problem to watch out for, in this day and age, is the number of people that just don't see us becuase we're so low compared with the general population of SUV's, pickups, and minivans. A very BAD place to be is to the right of an SUV or truck in multi-lane traffic- had a few close calls that way, including the day I picked mine up. Always stay to the left, and even then, situational awareness is a must- almost got run over by an idiot running a redlight just this morning.

Congrats on your recent purchase and welcome. Every time I drive my car, it's like savoring a prime cut of beef, an imported beer or fine wine. :D Also, the horn sounds like it should be on a moped... :D Anyone every upgraded the horn to sound like it has a little more testosterone?

Now, join the NSX Club so you can participate in all those Northeast Region events.

And stop by Davis Acura in Langhorne and meet Bernie, the best NSX mechanic in the entire Northeast (except maybe for Larry B).