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New Road & Track article on the NA1

I disagree with the statement about the NSX not being a head-turner. I still got many people in awe of seeing one in person, giving me thumbs-up, etc. Granted, I live in Houston where they aren't common...I prob havent seen another one in the wild for 15 years.
I have also never heard this:

'Some folks accuse the NSX of being too ordinary.'

Idk...maybe I'm just biased. ;)
I liked that the writer mentioned the view out of the car - it is one of the best parts of driving the gen 1 NSX. There will probably never be an airy cabin like the original NSX ever produced again since modern cars have airbags everywhere including the A pillars (which is so annoying because they are so thick it means that you have to constantly be moving your head to get a complete 3/4 view while turning ) and high blunt hoods for pedestrian protection.
Good read, but I disagree about the manual steering in the early models....yeah it wasn't great in a parking lot, but anywhere else it was by far the best steering feel and one of the main reasons I prefer the 91-94 coupe.

It may not be the head turner it once was by today's standards, but it still gets plenty of attention and is highly respected by anyone who knows anything about cars.