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THe new NSX a test a mid Ohio

13 April 2009
Atlanta, GA
Hey Guys, Haven't posted in a long while but I got my latest email copy of Winding Road and the title article as some of you may know is about the new NSX. They had a car in "robin's egg blue" at the Mid Ohio track doing laps. It sounds great and there are two great videos I know you all will want to watch if you haven't seen them already! http://magazine.windingroad.com/iss...-57846513&mc_cid=cb570d9a5c&mc_eid=a957d92b72 Certainly worth the watch - now we have something to sink our teeth into - looks like it's really going to happen! I may have been a doubting Thomas at a point in the past but I believe it will really happen. Now if they just advertise it properly and make some good accessories for it we'll be in for a great treat! Adios for now....Happy trails to all.
lol..... rookie mistake.....:tongue:
WOW - this is a rookie mistake - didn't know where to look - more categories now. Should have known! Pretty cool though!