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NEWB here from sister site

21 May 2008
Salt Lake City, UT
Welcome Vic!

I used to go to that site as well when I had my 1992 Legend Sedan. Great cars. I eventually sold it for an IS300 and now the M3 as my daily driver but I still miss the old Legend.
Welcome to the forums and good luck with the dream car hunt!
Welcome aboard. Hope you get your dream car one day, and good luck on your search when you are ready.:smile:
I still love those older Acura Legends...our neighbours had a beautiful light purple one with black interior...so nice and luxurious.

Welcome to NSX Prime! Check out the WIKI for advice on buying a NSX and some of the issues/routine maintenance things you should look out for.

As someone posted, a number of us have Legends. Absolutely love the car, although I've stopped driving it daily, as a lot of the parts supply is starting to dry up.

Here's a family portrait. :)