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newbie here...

8 July 2003
Hello everyone.

Im looking to pick up a 97-98 in the next 8-12 weeks, so figured I'd go ahead and activate the account here..

I'll be looking in the phoenix/tucson area.... anyone to stay away from when looking??

Hoping to stay in the close-to-$50k range..possible?
You might want to call Basch Acura Service to see if he knows of anyone in the area who's considering selling. You can also rely on them for a pre-purchase inspection.

You may want to expand your search beyond just Phoenix. Any time you limit yourself to one city, your choices regarding year, color, transmission, price, mileage, etc will be more narrow.
I just bought a 97 myself. Your first good move was to join this site! Scour the faq's and learn as much as u can before purchase.

Good Luck