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Nice Lambo ebay ad

Am I the only one who would not trust a dealer that has to distract you by throwing a half naked girl on the car for the photos??
The payments on her are probably as high as my wife. :biggrin:
She better be there to sit in my lap while I take it for a test drive.
I saw that ad the other day. Funny, the add did the oposite for me. Anybody that has to use women to sell their car turns me off.

With that being said, I feel cars do a great job of making women look better! :wink:
the fact that he needs a naked lady on there to sell a lamborghini makes me walk the other way immediately.

MOST people who have the money for that would have more class than that.
From the fine print.

We offer 12 year financing, thats $15000.00 down and 2243.00 per month plus tax and license.

Kind of puts the "Financing a used NSX" thread in the top forum here in perspective! :eek:
I would never let a beautiful woman in a bikini keep me from buying the car she is standing next to. Models, like this woman, need work too.
The practice of using beautiful people and celebrities to sell products that they are "endorsing" or just appearing in the ad for no other reason then to make money is nothing new.
Looks better than putting it next to a desk or a tree or house or some dork race car driver.
I think the people selling this car could care less if someone "walks away" because of the model. "Fire the girl or I won't buy the car!"... come on.
Some guys when they see a beautiful woman run and hide behind a tree and throw rocks. :biggrin: