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nigerian scam / beware your privacy

10 April 2000
Silicon Valley
as many of you know, there has been a long-running scam consisting of emails being sent by nigerian citizens claiming to be able to make the recipient rich through a variety of schemes. recently i read there had been convictions in nigeria for this very same scam. iirc, there have also been regular mail versions of these scams.

well, this morning at 5am i was awakened by a phone call from a male caller with a french voice, asking by name for my wife. because my wife is a consultant a practice that involves international exchanges, aside from the hour, this didn't seem out of the ordinary.

when i asked the caller where he was calling from (intending to determine what company he was with), he responded "nigeria". i took about about a second to rinse through her current contracts/contact locations and determining that nigeria wasn't on the list, i hung up.

naturally, now i feel compelled to invest the necessary time today to review our credit history to ensure we're not being hacked. what a pain.

a reminder/heads-up about maintaining good control over private info.